Videographer Marketing

Marketing for Video Production Professionals

Looking to grow your Video Production Business?

Are you a video production company or videographer? If so, you are in the right place!


We help videographers, video production companies and video professionals grow their business through a combination of custom-built tools, consulting and search engine marketing. Some of our tools are free for basic usage, and because we have a software developer — we can build new tools if that's what you are looking for! Please see our Services page for more info.


We are videographers ourselves, operating Vanilla Video with thousands of customers. Our team has deep experience in the videography industry, across a broad range of products, price ranges and production levels. If you are looking to grow video your business — we know how to do it.


After growing our video production business to 600+ projects per year, we decided to scale back our operations and focus on projects we most enjoy. We found a team-size we were comfortable with, and project range that we enjoyed working in, allowing our owners more personal & family time (that's important too.) We started sending our excess leads to other videographers and naturally found ourselves helping other freelance videographers grow their business.

Search Engine Marketing

Managed Google Ads · Starts at $250/m
Get leads and build your reocurring client base

Optimal SEM Configuration

Ad Settings to Filter Leads · $3,000 Package
Improve ROI on search ads with our tuned settings.

Video Business Consulting

Expert analysis for your business · $100/hour
Consulting specially tailored to improve your business.

Video Quote Builder

For Complex Customer Estimates · Free
A videography pricing tool for videographers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Managed Ads Subscription?

We purchase search enging ads targeting customers looking specifically for videographers. You could do it yourself, but you would spend a lot of money on "bad clicks" — and this typically results in 90 - 95% wasted funds. You will then need to filter all those bad clicks (and continue to do so over time), which by our estimate will require several thousands, if not tens of thousands in additional wasted ad spend. It is not efficient / beneficial to hire an SEM expert specific to your particularly industry.

What ads? How do the ads works?

When people search for a videographer or video production company search engines display ads. These ads are expensive, competitive, and highly optimized with very advanced tools. Ads receive clicks from real customers shopping for videography or video prodduction services; and, those customers land on your website or call you directly.

Do Managed Ads really work?

Yes, and they are highly profitable if you can get them right. It may cost you $50 - 100 to acquire a customer; but, over time that customer typically turns into a repeat buyer with future projects.